Independent analysis and the ironic view of the economy

Economic consulting

Independence is our main value.

Schwartsman & Associados is a consulting company focusing on macroeconomic issues. Our views are expressed through nimble reporting, while keeping analytical rigor, in a clear and well-humored language. Fast analysis of short-term events and an out-of-the-box view about economic and political prospects.

Personalized service according to clients' needs.

Quick Reaction (the implications of economic news), Copom Watch (prospects of monetary policy) and more detailed reports on aspects of the economy are available here.

Macroeconomic landscape

Fast and straight-to-the-point follow-up of the main economic news & events, as well as a thorough investigation of Brazil's central economic and political issues, clearly written.

Lectures and presentations

Economic and political developments in figures, history and fables. The world examined through an independent and realistic perspective and its implications for investment and corporate decisions.

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Also visit the blog A Mão Vísivel and the columns for Folha de S. Paulo written by Alexandre Schwartsman.